Today we have a huge problem Plastic Waste.

Plastic bags are being used all over the world, but where do they all end up? We consume approximately 10 000 plastic bags per second worldwide with over 8 000 000 000 plastic bags yearly consumed by a typical EU country! Up to 80 % of them end up as plastic waste polluting our environment.

Normal plastics degrade very, very slowly and as it was invented less than 100 years ago we still do not know how long it might take to totally break down: possibly hundreds of years. That means that standard plastic packaging application or bags take up space in precious landfill sites.

Our solution to this problem is


We mimic nature by using the environmental forces of heat, oxygen and sunlight to cause degradation leading to biodegradation. Instead of this waste ending up as plastic waste it ends up in fertile earth. We call our product Addiflex®.