Add-X Biotech AB signs Chiba Industrie as an exclusive distributor in Morocco for Addiflex®

Gothenburg, Sweden 2010-09-23



Add-X Biotech AB signs Chiba Industrie as a distributor in Morocco for AddiFlex®!

The Swedish bio-tech company Add-X Biotech AB increases their number ofdistributors by signing a distribution agreement with the Morocco company ChibaIndustrie. They will be the distributor of AddiFlex® in the Morocco market.

Markus Jörgensen, CEO, Add-X Biotech AB: “With this agreement we enteranother very interesting and important market for our product. I feel that ChibaIndustrie has got what it takes to market and promote AddiFlex®. They have theexperience and market knowledge and we are very happy to be able to take part of it.”

Ouchicha Khalid, Owner, Chiba Industrie : “We are sure that our collaboration withAdd-X Biotech will help us follow the ambitions of our country and to be the leader in the environmental protection area”.


For further information contact:

Markus Jörgensen, CEO
Add-X Biotech AB
0046 42 499 23 50

Ouchicha Khalid, Owner
Chiba Industries
0021 2522 7269 09

Add-X Biotech AB is a Swedish bio-tech company that serves the world market with Addiflex® – an additive that added to plastic makes it biodegradable. Addiflex® is now available in over 30 countries worldwide.


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