Addiflex® – the additive of choice for ICI´s Winnington Club in Pakistan.

Gothenburg, Sweden 2011-10-20


The Swedish bio-tech company Add-X Biotech again leads the market for oxo biodegradable additives in Pakistan. Add-X´s additive AddiFlex®, an oxo biodegradable additive for Polyethylene application, has been used as the additive of choice for use in the manufacture of grocery bags at ICI’s Winnington Club.

With private businesses and the local community understanding the need for oxo biodegradable plastic packaging to address the problems of conventional plastic, AddiFlex® looks on to be the material of choice, fulfilling the requirement and serving the community for their needs regarding biodegradable packaging.

Markus Jörgensen, CEO, Add-X Biotech: “The market in Pakistan is an interesting one for us and again, thanks to the excellent work that Ijaz Brothers does, we have succeeded again. The understanding and knowledge about AddiFlex is growing in Pakistan and we see more coming within the upcoming year”

Ahsan Ejaz, Director, Ijaz Brothers: “We are excited that businesses are now taking a proactive role to help protect the environment by voluntarily choosing to go green. We are actively pursuing this cause and hope that companies such as Nestle, P&G, Unilever and the likes follow this great initiative taken by ICI.”

For further information contact:

Markus Jörgensen, CEO
Add-X Biotech AB
+46 42 499 23 50

Ahsan Ejaz, Managing Director
Ijaz Brothers
+92 423 7220883

Add-X Biotech AB is a Swedish bio-tech company that serves the world market with Addiflex® – an additive thatadded to plastic makes it biodegradable. Addiflex® is now available in over 26 countries worldwide

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