Add-X Biotech AB Sweden, which has been the proud owner of the Addiflex biodegradable technology since 2010. With a global network of dealers and distributors, Add-X Biotech AB has established itself as a leading provider of biodegradable additives.

After the takeover of the Addiflex biodegradable technology from Add-X Biotech AB Sweden, the legacy of the Swedish company is now being carried forward by Add-X Biotech Pvt Ltd India. The company remains dedicated to providing high-quality, sustainable solutions for businesses worldwide and furthering the mission of Add-X Biotech AB Sweden.

Add-X Biotech Pvt Ltd. India is an Innovative and Dynamic organization. We solve the global plastic waste disposal problem by bio-degrading plastics in 6 months or less (without leaving any micro plastics) using our special bio-degrading additive Addiflex®. Addiflex® helps plastic manufacturers make their plastic products biodegradable and environment-friendly and support customers in the field of biotechnology. The company offers a wide range of services including research and development, product development, analytical services, and technical support for biotechnology products. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge in various fields of biotechnology, including genetic engineering, fermentation technology. With our advanced knowledge and cutting-edge technology, Add-X Biotech Pvt Ltd is dedicated to helping customers find innovative solutions to complex biotechnology problems. Whether you are a research institution, a biotech company, or manufacturer of any single use plastic manufacturer or a brand owner using plastic packaging, Add-X Biotech Pvt Ltd has the resources and expertise to meet your needs.