Addiflex® is a visionary ,easy to use and safe solution for the problem of plastic waste. It is an eco-intelligent system of additives and composits and there are both economical and ecological effects of adding Addiflex® to plastics.

Over the years of developing and improving Addiflex® we have done lots of test and research. We are proud to have worked with top of the line partners when doing these tests, partners like SP and CNEP. Our main objective has always been and will continue to be that a serious product needs serious testing. We strive to work with the best when it comes to testing our material, both on its own but also of course together with our customer’s material in order to find the right composition for their needs.

We are also proud of that the Addiflex® is approved by the FDA (Keller and Heckman LLP).

What is Biodegradability?

It is a technology for degrading plastics. Biodegradable technologies depend on plastics in a biologically active environment (e.g. compost). The destruction of the material happens directly through the consumption bymicrobes.

There are different technologies of degradation. The oxo – biodegradable technology renders the polyolefin to biodegradation, the metabolization of the residual polymer fractions via an initial step of a combination of light, heat, stress and air.

What is Addiflex®? It is the Solution for Polyolefin Biodegradability. Addiflex® is an eco-intelligent system of additives. The effects of adding Addiflex® to your plastics are:

  • Reduction of the Waste volume through complete biodegradation
  • Ecological Benefits
  • Economical Benefits
  • Less Energy
  • Mastering new legal requirements

The features of the Addiflex® system

  • The most cost effective additive –less material for the same result.
  • The most effective additive on the market – initiation time could be controlled.
  • The highest quality and durability – high process ability in the manufacturing process.
  • The only oxo-biodegradable technique on the market suitable for basically all plastic processes.

Overview on the benefits of Addiflex®

  • Complete bio-degradation
  • 80%-90% waste reduction (in weight, not volume)
  • Conventional raw materials and natural modfiers
  • No toxic by-products (e.g., methane)
  • Less energy input vs. competitive products


We actively invest in research and collaborate with both industry partners and universities. Addiflex® has proven to be very effective in both research and performance tests.

Much supporting scientific data on Addiflex® has been provided by well recognized independent testing laboratories, such as SP, CNE and Bodenlabor Dr. Galli.


There is different grades of our Addiflex® - which to choose depends on the product and the material.


  • This is the only grade world wide where there is proof that an oxo-system can be composted and is totally degradable.
  • The addition level on this grade is high.
  • Applications like waste disposal bags, coffin liner and duster cloth.

The HES grade

  • This is presently our standard grade for all purposes.
  • Addition rate on this grade is low – 1%.
  • Applications like carrier bags, fruit and vegetable bags, produce bag film, mulch film, shrink film, trays and cups that are PP-based

The HEV grade

  • This is our next grade that will be introduced during 2010. It has enhanced processability and degradability.
  • Addition rate on this grade is low – 1%

The BOPP grade

  • Special grade for BOPP process (Biaxial-Oriented-Poly Propylene).
  • Higher process temperature
  • Addition rate on this grade is low – 1%

AddiFlex: Biodegradability Solutions
AddiFlexÒ System Performance
Application Let Down Thickness % AddiFlexÒ
Fruits & Vegetable
T-Shirt Bags
HDPE 9 m 1%
Carrrier Bags LD/HD 18 m - 25 m 1%
Food Trays PP 300 m Customer Specific
Injection Moulded
PP 500 m Customer Specific
All applications are subject to customer/enduser specification and will be tailored to have optimised properties in storage, use, degradation and economics

We are also currently in the research and testing phase of more new grades and we will update this list as soon as we have new ones.